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Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Milwaukee Environmental Cleaning Services (MECS) is the only name you can trust when it comes to cleaning your business in the Milwaukee area. We are a dedicated cleaning company that only aims to serve you and your commercial cleaning needs. When you ask for our help, you can be sure that you will always get what you wanted. With MECS, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.


What Do We Clean?

  • Class A Office Space

  • Churches

  • Schools

  • Multi-tenant Buildings

  • Office Buildings

  • Universities

  • Car Dealerships

  • Day Care Facilities

  • Medical Facilities

  • Financial Institutions

  • Retail Stores


Comprehensive Cleaning Service

MECS offers a comprehensive cleaning service to all of your businesses in the Milwaukee area. Our janitors are all trained to render any cleaning service that your office needs, so all areas that need to be focused upon will be cleaned. We also offer a customizable cleaning service, which give you control exactly how you want us to clean your Milwaukee business. To give you a firm view on our services, here are some of the cleaning and janitorial services that we offer:


  • Floor Cleaning
    Nothing says a dashing office environment than a well polished floor. Our janitors use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that will definitely bring out the shine of your floors. Our janitors can handle any kinds of floors like marble, hardwood , and even the carpeted ones.

  • Surface Cleaning
    Some parts of the office will be left untouched. And if that happens, dusts and dirt will gather and accumulate. Even your office desk will accumulate dirt, without you noticing, and it may prove to be harmful for your health. Our janitors can address to this issue by cleaning all your office surface, that even includes your windows. You can be sure that we will sanitize it so your office will not only be clean, but safe for all.

  • Restroom Cleaning
    The Restroom is by far the most sensitive place to clean. If left unattended, it will become unbearable for anyone to use and may even become a health hazard for some. That is why, Office Pride also offer restroom cleaning service so you will not do the tedious task of cleaning everything by yourself. With Office Pride, we bring the comfort to your comfort rooms

  • Trash Removal
    The longer you operate, the longer trash will accumulate. To make things worse, garbage disposal can sometimes be a chore. We can help you take out the trash and keep your office totally clean, and odor free!

  • Detailing
    MECS assures that your facility is impeccable and looks and smells like new.

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